Phases of the Moon

ImageThe Moon is the planet in our charts that displays our emotions to the world. New Moons always bring a new start in some direction. If you follow the phases and plan that start all the better.  If you know where your progressed moon is in your chart it can tell you what life is going to bring you for approximately 2 years. Depending on the planets it will aspect and the house it will be traveling through, you get a pretty good idea of where your emotions are going to take you during that time. Are you learning about the details of life, power, money, relationships, creativity, family, friendships, new knowledge thru travel or social groups?

Emotions are what makes life interesting and how we grow as a spirit having a human experience.

Knowing your progressed Moon and where it is traveling in your chart along with the phase of the Moon when you were born helps in navigating life’s ups and downs. It’s like having the wind at your back emotionally helping you to use those 2 years to either tune into your self more, make a job change, start a new relationship or business. It’s also like walking a mile in someone else’s shoes as you get to understand why others act the way they do. If you can pay close attention and feel a sense of detachment to the emotions that erupt during these times you will better understand others and where your challenges are located in your chart. Once you master that Moon and all it’s aspects than the next time it comes around and repeats that sign in about 24 years it will be so much easier to handle it. The first 28 years in life are always the hardest as you are getting a sense of what you came to this planet to learn for your Soul’s growth. The Moon is the place where we all begin those lessons.